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Some times R gets a bad deal. 
- R has come a long way and it is a powerful functional programming platform, with print ready visualization tool where you can do anything; the limit is your hard work and imagination
- R is a variation of S the free version when the original seed, S, became S + as a commercial product.
- You can do anything in R as much as you can do anything with C or C++
- R is continually supported by a large group of practitioners and you will get help for free
- One version of R become Revolution R with some special purpose packages which was sold as enterprise edition, another branch of R, and got bought out by Microsoft
- One of the rock stars of R is Hadley Wicham, who is continually making great contributions improving R
- For daily life of a data science practitioner, there is no pride in saying you do not know R, even if you know Python.
- Here is a copy of advanced R by Hadley Wickham:    (not sure it is truly free or someone leaked it out); I am buying the real book. - R BEATS PYTHON! R BEATS JULIA! ANYONE ELSE WANNA CHALLENGE R?
- It is neither humbling nor a pride statement to say that a data scientist says that he/she does not know R.   It is an important tool in a data scientist's tool box.
- Many complain about R that it is difficult; more complained about SAS and continue to do so, but SAS's power is well known. 
- War of languages 
Another war of languages about R/Python/Octave/Matlab/Julia - . One more:

- The minimalist approach for programming languages for a data scientist from my perspective is R/Python/SAS.   Until proven, do not waste your time.


04/30/2017 1:02am

The post is about the connection that we all have to the scientist and they are important to us because they make a contribution to the world. This post will enlighten us about the minimalist approach and how it is important.There are explanations that we can get here and it will be easier to understand. We can now be enlightened by the things that we have learned here.

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